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Is ChatGPT3 a game changer or hot air?

In the week since released ChatGPT3, it amassed over 1 million users, myself included. Its advanced writing skills are causing some online to call it a game changer and a killer of writing jobs. I'm not so sure. Is ChatGPT3 a powerful writing tool? Yes. But I don't think it is capable of replacing human writers, yet.
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In the future with more progress made to the chat AI we may see it replace certain writing jobs but I doubt it will replace them all. For numerous reasons.

One reason we won't see it replace writers is that AI-generated content violates the Google Guidelines. So it's not very likely that quality marketing agencies or bloggers will replace human content with that made by AI, not if they want the content to generate traffic!

Even though ChatGPT3 can write complex stories and take inputs and produce interesting outputs it can't do the work that goes into the inputs. For example:

A grant writer has specific parameters they need to meet in order for their proposal to even have a chance at being selected. Each grant has different requirements and requires more attention/personalized touch. Not to mention that some of the RFPs are complex and require 50+ pages of highly detailed information.

However, I do believe that this tool will eliminate some writing jobs and cause educators to look at other ways of better preparing students for the real world. In its current state, it is a powerful tool that can help marketing agencies, bloggers, businesses, non-profits, educators, and more. It is my hope that this tool remains free to the public.


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