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Learning to set good goals

If you had asked me 4 years ago where I thought my business would be in 4 years I would have told you that I see it as one of the largest marketing agencies in Ohio with 15+ employees and a few 6-figure contracts with large companies. But, that isn't what has happened. In fact, my digital marketing agency is taking a step back as we shift focus and regroup.

This grand vision I had was completely unrealistic for me. It was something that, as I look back now, seems idiotic to have ever thought. But, it has taught me a valuable lesson in learning to set good goals and not set myself up for failure by having grand plans and dreams that I can't achieve in the time frame I've set for myself.

Now, as I regroup to reshape my business into a more viable company I know what I can and can't do. I know what to expect for the next 4 years.

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