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Small Business Spotlight: Weber Rose Farms

Weber Rose Farms is a small cattle farm and freezer beef store located in Kimbolton Ohio. The farm, run by Jeniffer Rose and her husband Jesse, launched the freezer beef side of their family farm this summer.

From the Weber Rose Farms, LLC website:

"Now on its sixth generation as a family farm, Weber Rose Farms began on a piece of land acquired in the mid-1800s. What began as a simple homestead has since seen centuries of change and growth as new generations took charge and additional land was added to the original plot. The farm became a home to dairy cattle and chickens during the Great Depression, in addition to growing small gardens. It later transitioned into a commercial beef cattle operation and has seen a wide variety of cattle breeds including Angus, Charolais, and a variety of crossbreds, eventually landing on raising the docile Herefords and becoming registered polled Hereford breeders."

I personally have had the pleasure of having their beef for dinner and I can honestly say that it has been some of the tastiest beef I've ever had. I just wish they were closer so I could get it more often!


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