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Struggling To Find Employees? Try This!

Ever since the COVID-19 Pandemic businesses have been struggling to find and keep good hard-working employees. The other day I saw a post on Facebook from a local sports bar letting their followers know that they would be closed on Sunday due to a lack of staff. A sports bar closed on a Sunday isn't a recipe for longevity. But they aren't the only ones. Businesses big and small old and young are struggling to find employees. But why? Let's take a look at a few reasons why these businesses are having such a hard time finding workers and break down the different solutions for each problem.

Low Pay

Many workers and those seeking work aren't willing to work for low wages anymore. With rising costs due to inflation why would they? $7.25/hr just doesn't cut it. If you're married with two children you would have to work 129 hours a week to be considered middle class in a city like Akron, Ohio. By the way, there are only 168 hours in a week!

So, if you want to help attract new qualified and ready-to-work employees then look at your budget and see what you can do to increase pay. Try not to put the extra cost onto your customers as that may lead to a decrease in sales causing you to lose even more money in the process. Look at paying yourself less, installing energy-efficient bulbs, or other cost-saving tools.

Poor Company Culture

This is often overlooked by companies both big and small. Culture matters in the workplace! It's not something you should leave up to the employees and management to create but rather something you should build into the foundation of your business. Having a positive culture that nurtures and rewards workers will lead to them being more efficient and productive. In the long run, having a strong and wanted culture can be of benefit to your company's bottom line.

I can't tell you what culture to foster but I can tell you that it needs to fit into the wants and desires of your potential employees.

Write Better Descriptions

When you start the process of posting a new job to any of the online job boards keep in mind that the description matters. Typically employers will want to jam corporate buzzwords and jargon in the description like "hit the ground running" and "self-starter" that in reality are just a turn-off to job seekers.

When writing a job description make sure to include the basics of what is expected but keep in mind how you would react and feel when reading it while job hunting. If it doesn't make you excited about the new opportunity then start over and get it right.

By doing these 3 things you'll be putting yourself in a better position to find your ideal employees who will go above and beyond for you and your company.


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