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Valuing time

Time is precious. We only have so much of it before we leave this earth. Learning how to value and optimize our time is a challenge that in and of itself eats away at the time we have. With that said, I want to take a look at how we can maximize our time and truly value our time.

A few years ago I would say yes to just about everyone when it came to helping with projects, work, or events. It got to be too much. I realized just how little time I had for myself, friends, family, and activities. I had to sit down and think about how I wanted to spend my time. I had to learn to value my time. During that conversation with myself, I've come to the understanding that I need to prioritize the most important things in my life and allocate the most time towards those. Now I spend most of my time building my business, having fun with Taylor, and spending time with family.

That thinking session also showed me that I should charge some people some type of fee for my time. That's how I got my foot in the door as a marketing/business consultant.

My hope is to continue to value my time and to teach others how to value theirs so they can really enjoy life and all it has to give.


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