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What I've Learned About Growth

Over the past 10 months, I have put my head down and focused on nothing else other than growing my digital marketing business. In the past, I have always associated the growth of my business with the addition of a new client. And although adding new clients is important and helps bring in more revenue and allows me and the team to do more I've learned that there are other aspects of business growth that we should also look at.

Other than an increase in revenue another way to measure the growth of your business or start-up is to look at the tools you are using. For example, when I started out in the business world and had to write content. It was one of the most challenging things I had to do. I'm continuously working on improving my writing skills and one tool I use is anyword - an AI-powered writing assistant. I use anyword to help spark inspiration and to give me a better idea of what to write and how to write it and when I'm really struggling I'll even let it write the content for me. This tool has helped to show me that growth isn't just about money, it can also be reflected by utilizing a powerful tool that makes me better at my job and saves me time.

Another aspect of growth that doesn't include counting dollars is the basic retention of a client. Getting a new client has its challenges but keeping a client who is going through a difficult time shows that you have learned how to promote the real-life benefits of your product and how they translate to their success.

Growth can also be just the will to keep fighting and working when times get tough. I remember looking at my calendar and not seeing a single meeting scheduled. Instead of letting that get to me and giving up, I decided to do everything in my power to fill up my days with meetings. I sent cold emails, sent LinkedIn messages, making calls, and ran ads in an effort to get as many bookings as I could handle. I didn't completely fill my days but I made my month look better for potential sales.

In short, growth is more than simply counting up each month's revenue it can be finding and using a powerful tool that makes the day-to-day easier, it can also manifest as staying steady and not taking a step backward, and it can also show as not giving up even when it would be the easier thing to do.

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