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Why I started My Own Business at 22

It's not common for a 22-year-old to sit down, write a business plan, file for an LLC, set up a bank account, and start a business. In fact, according to CNBC the average age for a new business owner is 45. That's more than double what my age was when I began!

In 2019 I set out on a journey to try my hand in the business world by working with local small businesses and non-profits to provide digital marketing services at an affordable rate.

Before starting LEO Digital Marketing I had worked many jobs from food service and factory work to customer service and groundskeeping. Not a single one of those jobs had me come into work excited and thinking "This is the place I'm going to work at for 30+ years". When working at my last job before starting LEO I thought about how this isn't what I want to do when I'm in my 50s and 60s. I thought about what skills I had and what business they could transfer to. Well, a few years prior I had taken an online course with a family member on how to run Facebook ads and start an agency. In that course, I learned how to create eye-catching graphics and write ad copy that would entice users to click my ad. I hadn't done much of anything with that knowledge until February 1st of 2019 when I launched my Facebook ads agency. Now we are a full-service marketing agency and one of the fastest growing in the Miami Valley.


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