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Why marketing

At some point, we are all asked "Why did you choose that field?". I've been asked the same question by clients, friends, and family "Why did you choose marketing?". Well, the truth is that in 2017 I took an online course with an Aunt. That course taught us how to run winning Facebook ads and also gave us advice on how to sell that skill to businesses. I didn't end up doing much with that skill until mid-2018 when I joined a local political campaign as the social media manager. During that campaign, I fell in love with social media management and loved creating engaging content that garnished so many likes, shares, and comments.

Fast forward to the closing months of 2018 when I decided to meet with my local Small Business Development Center to work out a business plan and set up what would become my first business - LEO Digital Marketing. At the time the plan was to only offer social media management and Facebook ads to the businesses and non-profits in Springfield, Ohio.

As time has progressed I've taken my skillset much further than I could have imagined 4 years ago. Now, LEO offers so much more than social media and ads. It's a full-service marketing agency capable of handling many different projects and accounts.

As corny as it sounds I've fallen in love with the work and the challenges that come with it. I love being able to tackle a new product or service and find the best way to promote it to potential buyers.


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