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Why you should start a boring business

With the boom of "Unicorn" businesses making massive changes to the way our daily lives and gaining millions of views and clicks from the media it can make it seem like the only way to create a successful business is to build something revolutionary. That couldn't be further from the truth. You don't need to build a game-changing product or service to grow a successful/profitable business. All you need to do is make yourself stand out from the rest in some way to gain attention and sales.

Let's look at a few boring businesses that you can start that with the right plan in place will turn into money-making machines.

Self-Storage Units

Over the past few weeks, I've been doing research into what it takes to start and build a successful self-storage unit facility in my home town. In my area, an SSU can sell a 10X10 space for around $100/mo while it only costs around $40/sqft to build. That means that a facility that has 400 units and fills 300 of them (A 75% occupancy rate compared to the national average of 92%) would make around $30,000/mo. Of course, you'll need to factor in monthly expenses like insurance, mortgage, and loan payments to calculate your total monthly profit.

Digital Marketing Agency

There is defiantly money to be made by selling digital marketing services. The best part about these businesses is that they don't require a large amount of money to start. All you'll need is some basic tools and a strong website along with the courage to reach out to businesses and sell them your services. An agency has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars each month in profit.

Property Management

With the increase in the real estate industry property management is a great business you can start that will bring in good profits if done correctly. Keep in mind that some states require you to have certain licensing before you can start operating and that you will need to be very involved and aggressive to land clients and keep them happy.

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