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I’m Seth Flora, the guy behind LEO Digital Marketing and the up-and-coming Porchlio. My journey’s been all about transforming businesses online with LEO Digital Marketing, where we change the lives of small business owners by transforming their online presence. Now, with Porchlio, I’m on a mission to shake up the property management world with some powerful software that’s still in development.

When I’m not creating marketing strategies or working on the next big thing, you can catch me on my podcast, 'Seth Speaks.' It’s where I get real about the hustle of business and share the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.


Life’s not all work, though—I’m lucky enough to share my adventures with my incredible wife, Taylor, hit the trails for some hiking, or step on the court to play basketball.

My path’s been a mix of innovation, storytelling, and keeping it real, both in business and life. I’m here to share what I know, inspire a bit, and maybe even make you smile along the way.

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