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Building Generational Wealth

As someone whose family has navigated both modest comfort and financial strain, I've grown up with a clear goal: to establish financial security that my descendants won't have to worry about. Here's a look at where I come from, and how it shapes where I'm going.

Building Generational Wealth

A Family Shaped by Economic Ups and Downs

My great aunt, a retired U.S. Postal Service worker whom I call mom, took me in when I was young. We lived a stable life initially, enjoying simple vacations and modest living. However, the 2008 financial crisis hit us hard, thrusting my family back into the workforce out of necessity, rather than choice. This experience was pivotal for me, underscoring the importance of financial resilience.

Strategic Steps Towards Long-Term Wealth

Entrepreneurial Ventures

LEO Digital Marketing

Founded in 2019, my goal for LEO Digital Marketing is to automate operations to the extent that it can thrive with minimal active oversight, allowing me to focus on new opportunities while retaining ownership.


Currently in development, Porchlio is a property management software with significant potential for growth. I plan to expand its features to increase its market footprint and revenue potential.

Investment Strategies

Real Estate

Building a portfolio of rental properties is a key strategy. This will not only provide passive income but also asset appreciation over time, a crucial element of generational wealth.

Stock Market

Regular investments in both personal funds and a Roth IRA aim to ensure steady growth and dividends sufficient to support our desired lifestyle, contributing to both immediate needs and future security.

Adaptability is key in wealth creation. While I have a robust plan, I remain open to new opportunities that align with my overall goal of establishing lasting financial security. My family’s past financial challenges have been a powerful motivator, driving me to ensure a stable and prosperous future for the generations to come.


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