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How AI is Transforming the Way We Consume Content

Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be used to create content at scale—a lot of it, and with minimal human input. But how does this affect how we use content? This article explores the benefits and disadvantages of using AI in the content creation process and explains how to balance these factors when creating your own content strategy.

Part 1 - What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a prevalent term in science fiction for decades and our world has finally caught up with these wild imaginations. Artificial intelligence (AI) is any system that exhibits some degree of intelligence, either it be decision-making or problem-solving skills. To date, we’ve seen chatbots such as Microsoft’s Xiaoice make its way into mainstream popularity. Companies are also using AI to recommend products based on past purchases or even predict what you might like to buy next. From self-driving cars to computer scientists playing chess against humans - the list goes on and on.

It seems like everyone is getting involved in this space but what does this mean for content creators? What can they do?

Part 2 - Pros

The AI has made content creation easier. Not only can it write whole blog posts, or articles but it can edit and improve content. AI has helped saved time and resources for many people by handling mundane tasks like quality checking, spam monitoring, keyword research and more. With content creation becoming a commodity for companies with machines that do all the work for them, what is going to happen to traditional freelance writers?

Part 3 - Cons

While many brands have been utilizing AI to create content that is functional, it will never compare to that written by a person. AI can automate a great deal of the process, there are always going to be human elements that get lost in translation. There are certain types of posts that cannot be created by AI like those highlighting customer service, brand activations and more.

Part 4 - The Future Of AI

The future of AI Generated content. With everything becoming more automated and intelligent, it makes sense that content will be created by computers too. Of course, while AI might be good at producing large amounts of information quickly and accurately, it can't compare to human creativity and originality - so we'll still need great writers, designers, photographers and other creators to generate compelling stories for our audiences.

This article was created using AnyWord an AI content creation tool.


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